Custom Bottle

Custom Made Bottle/ Bespoke Bottle

Have you ever thought about having your own unique custom made bottle?Everyone can get the ordinary-shaped stock bottles from distributors, easy and convenient. But how can your product stands out in today’s competitive world? An eye-catching custom-designed bottle can help you. No, it’s neither expensive nor requiring even 20,000 bottles to start with at Chongqing Lanya Glass. We are here to help, no matter if your are a small scale distillery or just started the spirits business.

The custom cast iron mould for glass bottle mass production is not expensive, normally USD1200 for one set, but normally make 2 sets at USD2400. If your bottle order quantity reaches 100,000pcs, the mould cost will be refunded to you. Why hesitate and you can have your own custom made or bespoke bottle right now.

The process of having a custom made bottle done is not complicated at all. With our experienced designers and workers, it will be as smooth as the breeze. We have made hundreds of custom made bottles for our domestic and overseas clients and we can easily help to solve all kinds of problems with you all the way through the whole process. Below is a guideline of making the custom made/bespoke bottle:


You must have an image in your mind of your ideal bottle, round, square, tall, short, flat, big, small, transparent, colors etc. Please talk to us about your ideas. Or you have a bottle which is similar to your ideal bottle, you have a picture of one bottle, or you have the technical drawings, send us and let’s communicate. We will get there.


We will provide you with the technical drawing or 3D printed model for free, and confirm the bottle design after thorough discussion with you. We are very patient and don’t worry if you want to have any minor change before the sample mould is made. If it’s technically feasible, we will do our best to accommodate all your tiny requirements.  


When the technical drawing is approved by you, the sample mould production and sample bottle production normally will take 15-20 days. After the sample is made, the sample bottles will be shipped to you by air for confirmation or adjustment before the mass production.